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Zahra B. Majid

Zahra, who is currently pursuing a degree in media studies, would use the Holman Prize to travel and meet with visually impaired students around the world, in countries including Canada, the United States and Scandinavia, in order to gather a wealth of information for a database project she is calling VIAdvisor.

Nicole Schultz-Kass

Nicole, a vocational rehabilitation counselor and YouTube blogger, would use the Holman Prize to interview and adventure with blind and low-vision people in 25 different locations around the United States, compiling the experiences on her YouTube channel,  “CraftyBlindChick.”

Sharyl Brockett

Sharyl, who is pursuing a postgraduate degree in counseling, would use the Holman Prize to produce a reality TV program in which bosses of large corporations experience simulated blindness.