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Rachel Longan

Rachel, a psychotherapist and singer, would use the Holman Prize to travel both the United States, and around the world to countries like Russia and Tanzania, teaching pre-existing vocal choirs how to make their organizations more accessible and accommodating for blind and low-vision participants.

Marco Salsiccia

Marco, an accessibility specialist and self-proclaimed “hockey nut,” would use the Holman Prize to  travel for a full year with the San Jose Sharks hockey team, attending at least one game at each arena, in order to assess the accessibility of each rink and promote hockey to blind and visually-impaired athletes.

Dennis Billups

Dennis, a longtime Disability Rights activist, would use the Holman Prize to lead leadership trainings for people with disabilities across the United States and around the world.

Danny Thomas Vang & Jeshua Gilbert Aveno

Danny and Jeshua would construct a multi-sensory “escape room” that enables visitors, and visually-impaired users in particular, to gather information and instructions from their environment.