Read the story at the Washington Post website
The Washington Post
The Washington Post wrote about our 2017 Prizewinners in this feature story.
Read the story at the San Francisco Chronicle website
San Francisco Chronicle
The San Francisco Chronicle wrote this feature story about 2017 prizewinner Welcome Week.
Read about James Holman at Mental Floss
Mental Floss
Mental Floss wrote an expansive story on James Holman and the Holman Prize.
Listen to the radio story on the BBC
BBC World Service
The BBC interviewed 2017 Prizewinner Ojok about his journey to beekeeping (around the 38 minute mark).
Watch and listen at KQED
KQED went out on the water to make this video about 2017 Prizewinner and kayaker Ahmet; the story was picked up by PRI.
Read more at TRT World
TRT World
The Turkish publication TRT World interviewed 2017 Prizewinner Ahmet about his “semi-robotic” kayak expeditions.
Read more in the Braille Monitor
The Braille Monitor
The Braille Monitor profiled our three inaugural winners in an expansive feature story.
Read more at the Virginian-Pilot online
The Virginian-Pilot
The Virginia Beach Pilot followed 2017 Prizewinner Penny as she made a fish pie during her globetrotting adventures!


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