The Prizewinners

The six Holman Prizewinners come from varied experiences and backgrounds with projects that are vastly different. From academia, to art to athleticism, the Holman Prize welcomes pitches of all kinds. Starting in January, it’s your turn to upload a 90-second video to YouTube and fill out the official Holman Prize application.

The 2018 Winners

Red Szell
Red Szell, UK
2018 Holman Prizewinner
Stacy Cervenka poses with her family
Stacy Cervenka, USA
2018 Holman Prizewinner
Portrait of Conchita Hernandez
Conchita Hernandez, USA
2018 Holman Prizewinner

The 2017 Winners

Ahmet Ustunel Portrait
Ahmet Ustunel, USA
2017 Holman Prizewinner
Penny Melville-Brown, UK
2017 Holman Prizewinner
Ojok Simon, Uganda
2017 Holman Prizewinner