Holman Prize Winner Alieu Jaiteh touching the Golden Gate Bridge wall art

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What is the Holman Prize?

Here at the LightHouse for the Blind and Visually Impaired in San Francisco, we believe whole-heartedly in encouraging and nurturing the “can-do” attitude within the blind community. Reinforcing independence and confidence is our mission. In 2017, We launched the Holman Prize which awards three blue-sky thinkers who are blind or have low vision up to $25,000 to realize a big idea.

It was named for James Holman, a prolific blind world traveler of the 19th century – Imagine how traveling independently back then must have been for a blind person. And that’s what the Holman Prize asks of you, to imagine, and dream big

Who is James Holman?

What does a Holman Prize-winning project look like?

The Holman Prize was designed to support the growth of adventurous spirits, entrepreneurship and leadership within the blind community, in any form it may present itself. From personal-growth goals like climbing mountains or traveling the world independently, to providing education and training to underprivileged blind individuals. The goal for our applicants and winners is not just to push boundaries and live life outside of the “blind box” but to eliminate the box altogether. Holman Prize winners challenge and change the common cultural misconceptions of what it means to be a blind person

How are the winners chosen?

Our panel of blind and low vision judges will view all applicants and weed through tiers of semi-finalists and finalists until they’ve decided on three Holman Prize winners. Creativity, enthusiasm, passion, and drive are what all Holman judges are looking for, and ultimately will also be what all Holman winners will have in common.

Dreaming up Holman Prize-worthy ambitions during a Pandemic

We know just how different applications will need to be during this time of the pandemic. While we recognize this will be a factor for the scope of some peoples’ ideas, we encourage you to think big and imagine your Holman plan without taken the current constraints too much into consideration. We will do everything we can if your idea is successful, to work with you and help you make it happen. Don’t let the pandemic blunt your ambition!