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Martine Abel-Williamson

Martine Abel-Williamson, QSM

Auckland, New Zealand
President, World Blind Union

Martine is employed as a Senior Human Rights Advisor for the New Zealand Human Rights Commission. She’s on the boards of the Accessible Books Consortium, Royal New Zealand Foundation of the Blind and Blind Citizens NZ. She also holds pan-disability roles as a board member of Disability Connect, a…

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Jason Roberts

Jason Roberts

An accomplished author, Roberts’ acclaimed work, about the intrepid blind traveler (and namesake of this prize) James Holman, “A Sense of the World: How a Blind Man Became History’s Greatest Traveler,” was a finalist for the 2006 National Book Critics Circle Award, long-listed for the international Guardian First Book Award, and named a Best…

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Kathryn Webster

Kathryn Webster

“Though a single inconvenience, blindness has the power to ignite strength, resilience, and confidence. We may grow exhausted of educating society of our abilities, but who more qualified than blind communities to shatter the glass ceiling that eternally perpetuates negative misconceptions?”

Kathryn Webster graduated from Wake Forest University with high honors, receiving Bachelor of Science…

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Dr. Sharon Sacks

Dr. Sharon Sacks

Dr. Sacks is recently retired from her post as Superintendent of the California School for the Blind. During her tenure, Dr. Sacks led a staff of 150 and promoted education excellence for students served on campus and through outreach programs throughout the state. Prior to her role as superintendent, Dr. Sacks was the Director…

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Michelle Hackman

Michelle Hackman

Michelle Hackman is a reporter for the Wall Street Journal, where she covers immigration policy and the Department of Homeland Security. Her work has appeared in Niemann Reports, the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, the New Haven Independent and The Toast, as part of a Light House series of essays by blind women. She has won several…

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Kerryann Ifill

Kerryann Ifill

My life continues to be characterized by landmarks. As The first totally blind student completing mainstream education to post graduate level; becoming the first female to hold the office of President of the Senate, the only person with a disability and the youngest person. I have served both professionally and personally in various organisations…

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Will Schell

Will Schell, J.D.

Will Schell serves as an Attorney Advisor at the Disability Rights Office of the Federal Communications Commission where he leads the consumer complaint team; drafts various guidance and orders; and engages in outreach with the disability community.  Prior to working at the Disability Rights Office, Will was a Civil Rights Analyst at the Office…

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Mike May

Mike May

Mike May is Chief Evangelist for Good Maps, Inc., a pedestrian navigation company with an emphasis on accessible navigation for people who are blind or visually impaired. He was previously Executive Director of the Workforce Innovation Center at Envision in Wichita Kansas, CEO of the Lighthouse for the Blind in Seattle and CEO/Founder of…

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Jim Kutsch and his guide dog Easton

Jim Kutsch

James A. Kutsch Jr., PhD served as President and CEO of The Seeing Eye from 2006 until he retired in December 2019. He served as Chair of the Board of the International Guide Dog Federation (IGDF), Chairman of the Morris Animal Foundation Board, President of the Council of U.S. Dog Guide Schools, and Chairman…

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