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  1. Help make a multi-generational, long-term difference by helping me bring the gift of life and sight to preemies born in Cameroon Africa.

  2. Gay Young is an amazing woman who holds a full-time managerial job and volunteers her time to help others. She wants to provide incubators to babies in Africa that will prevent blindness. She collects items and medicines for a clinic in Cameroon, but the Holman prize would be her greatest achievement to get the clinic the incubators it needs — NO Blind Babes!

  3. Love the ambition on No Blind Babies. Helping to provide a NICU would be a great use of these resources! Good luck!

  4. Wow! This is a great cause. I really hope you are able to give the support to the clinic as you are hoping by being granted the Holman Prize. Good luck!!

    #NO Blind Babies

  5. Gay, you have my vote. In a country as blessed as the U.S. with such a thing as a Holman Prize to compete for in the first place, I love the idea of the funding potentially doing something measurable to decrease instances of blindness and other conditions in areas with far less funding for health and welfare services let alone business ventures. What a phenomenal cause! Best of luck!

  6. I have known Gay for almost 30 years. Recently she asked me to evaluate the beds at a hospital in Tanzania where I was volunteering. She was astute enough to know that a crank bed was much more practical than an electric bed, and wanted to know the most appropriate one. She has spent her own time and money on this project, working from her heart for a cause she believes in…and supporting a friend who shares her heart for the underserved. Gay is the real deal!

  7. What a great cause. I hope that you are granted the Holman Prize and are able to carry out your mission. Best wishes!

  8. Gay is an inspiration and testament to giving back. I love that she has a heart for these babies in Africa who are in danger of suffering from blindness. Such a great cause!

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