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2019 Holman Prizewinners

Mona Minkara

Mona Minkara

2019 Holman Prizewinner

Announcing the 2019 Holman Prizewinners

From Boston, Massachusetts, USA, Mona teaches bioengineering at Northeastern University. With the Holman Prize, she will film a documentary series called Planes, Trains and Canes, where she would navigate and access the public transportation systems of six cities around the world.

For press inquiries, contact press@lighthouse-sf.org.

Planes, Trains and Canes Episodes

Do I make it? Johannesburg Part 1
City Tours, Safari Trip and Navigating: Johannesburg Part 2




Facebook: Planes Trains and Canes
Twitter: @PlaneTrainCane
Instagram: @planestrainsandcanes
YouTube: Planes, Trains and Canes


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