Kerryann Ifill

My life continues to be characterised by landmarks. As The first totally blind student completing mainstream education to post graduate level; becoming the first female to hold the office of President of the Senate, the only person with a disability and the youngest person. I have served both professionally and personally in various organisations for persons with disabilities, both locally and regionally and currently hold the office of President of both my the National United Society of the Blind Barbados and the Caribbean Council for the Blind. I have represented my country and at several local, regional and international fora on a cadre of issues related to disabilities. Initiatives such as the Holman Prize embody my core belief that blindness is not a burden but an exciting opportunity.

“The art of living with blindness demands absolute creativity; creativity in attaining and maintaining your own independence, creativity in charting a path that encourages others to emulate your example, creativity in ensuring that others value and recognise your individuality and the right to be the whole person you were designed to be.”

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