6 thoughts on “Charlotte Reed”

  1. What a sensitive approach to texture and the tactile – I can “feel” through my eyes. Saori weaving would be such a positive generative experience – more practitioners would be wonderful. The philosophy dovetails with that of art therapy and valuing individuals for their unique skills and approaches.

  2. I think it is amazing that someone who has been visually handicapped since childhood has been able to use art therapy to help both her elderly, nursing home clients, and to find her own calling as an artist. I would love to see a blind artist win the Hollman prize

  3. Your curiosity of materials, your creativity, and your passion to express yourself visually is truly inspiring- thank you for reminding us how important ART is!

  4. Charlotte’s work demonstrates an amazing range of creativity, skill and joy. The Hollman prize and the Saori weaving experience would be a wonderful addition to her work as an artist and a therapist.

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