6 thoughts on “Birendra Raj Sharma Pokharel”

  1. Dr. Birendra Raj Pokharel has been played greater role to promote the employment of visually impaired person particularly the blind women. He has been introduced tactile breast examination by involving and providing training to the blind women in Nepal. He is always helpful and keen interested to promote the employment of blind women by engaging them as paramedical person.

  2. Dr Birendra Raj Pokharel in the field of disability has always been inspiring. This innovative idea of him is great to look forward. Wishing all the best to him.

  3. This innovative idea will bring a remarkable change for the people with visual disabilities. Looking forward for your ideas to be implemented. Best of Luck.

  4. Your work in the field of Disability Movement in Nepal is commendable. You have brought us various innovative project like this which have helped us to sustain our life. Wishing you all the best for this project.

  5. Your role in the promotion of rights of persons with disability in Nepal has always been admirable. Wish you all the best.

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