6 thoughts on “Virginia Gay Young”

  1. Help make a multi-generational, long-term difference by helping me bring the gift of life and sight to preemies born in Cameroon Africa.

  2. Gay Young is an amazing woman who holds a full-time managerial job and volunteers her time to help others. She wants to provide incubators to babies in Africa that will prevent blindness. She collects items and medicines for a clinic in Cameroon, but the Holman prize would be her greatest achievement to get the clinic the incubators it needs — NO Blind Babes!

  3. Love the ambition on No Blind Babies. Helping to provide a NICU would be a great use of these resources! Good luck!

  4. Wow! This is a great cause. I really hope you are able to give the support to the clinic as you are hoping by being granted the Holman Prize. Good luck!!

    #NO Blind Babies

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